Wayne and Greg Freeman, former landlords of the "Lothario Notario" Chris LaRiche, speak out

Read our cover story, "The Lothario Notario," for more on immigration scams
Chris LaRiche walked into City Hall to prosecute a lawsuit against Wayne and Greg Freeman, the father and son heads of Executive Suites of Minnesota, when he was arrested by police last November.

This week's cover story, "The Lothario Notario," chronicles LaRiche's alleged crimes leading up to his arrest. LaRiche's lawsuit against Executive Suites of Minnesota alleged that his "business" was damaged by the Freemans, who tell City Pages they had problems with LaRiche as soon as they began renting office space to him last March.

"We determined that he was living there," says Wayne Freeman, which was a violation of their lease agreement.

The Freemans rented an office to LaRiche in the IDS Building "about March 11," according to Greg Freeman. "And we asked him to leave about May 10."

"Chris LaRiche," subject of this week's cover story
The problems began immediately, according to the Freemans: LaRiche bounced a bunch of checks to start, then began paying his bills in cash.

But the bigger issue was their discovery that LaRiche was living in his office space and allegedly mistreating the cleaning staff.

"She'd knock on his door at 10 o clock and he'd say, "'Go away,'" according to Wayne Freeman. "He called her a dog."

Freeman also remembers an incident where LaRiche had a "temper tantrum" and dumped a few bags of shredded paper on the floor for the cleaning lady to take care of.

"There was an attorney who was a woman in our office who told us he had to go or she would," Greg Freeman recalls.

Wayne and Greg Freeman
Greg Freeman, Sandy Freeman and Wayne Freeman rented an office to LaRiche
After awhile, other problems arose. A bunch of Latinos began arriving at the office and complaining about LaRiche.

"They couldn't speak good English but they had no problem conveying that they were really angry," Wayne Freeman says. "I've been doing this since 1990 and I haven't had anything like that happen at any of our places."

The Freemans invited LaRiche into the office for a meeting and negotiated a settlement with him. They asked LaRiche to leave their office space but agreed to let him use their conference room during the day -- from 10AM to 3PM. But the Freemans say he quickly began abusing that agreement, too.

Wayne and Greg Freeman
Chris LaRiche allegedly left this mess for the cleaning lady after a "temper tantrum"
"Sometimes he'd fall asleep and snore so loud it would bother the receptionist, so we told him he had to stop," Wayne Freeman remembers.

That coincided with LaRiche's lawsuit against the Freemans, which was dismissed last November. LaRiche didn't get to argue his case before a judge because prosecutors arrested him for perjury and forgery. LaRiche was a false identity, according to the criminal complaint: his real name is Mario Alberto Martinez-Alanis.

Prosecutors amended the charges against him Tuesday to add a charge of theft by swindle. Read our feature to find out more.

The Lothario Notario: Chris LaRiche seduced undocumented immigrants with lies but he had a secret of his own.
Chris LaRiche, the "Lothario Notario," scammed almost 900 immigrants, prosecutors allege

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