Anders Broman, high school basketball phenom, scores 71 points in losing effort [VIDEO]

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With more than a year left in his high school career, Broman is already Minnesota's second all-time scorer.
Anders Broman scored the second-most points in Minnesota high school history on Saturday, yet somehow, his team lost.

Broman, a 6'1" junior guard at Lakeview Christian Academy in Duluth, said afterward that the loss to Melrose "was a bittersweet game."

There's nothing bitter about Broman's skills, however, as the sweet shooter is already the state's second all-time scorer with more than a season left in his high school career. He's currently being recruited by the likes of Virginia Tech, Texas-El Paso, Northwestern, the University of San Diego, San Diego State, Lehigh, and Northern Iowa. (But not the U of M?! As if Tubby's offensively challenged squad couldn't use all the scoring it can get...)

Broman shot 67 percent for the game, including 8 of 13 from 3-point land. He scored 47 points in the second half and overtime as Lakeview briefly took a late lead, only to see Melrose pull away in the closing moments.

Anders's freshman brother, Bjorn, is Lakeview's point guard. He had 14 assists during the loss to Melose -- most of them to his brother -- and said after the game that he sees Anders "all the time so I know how good he can shoot, but today he was lights out."

You can say that again.

The only player to score more points during a single game in Minnesota high school history was Minnesota Transitions' Cash Eggleston, who rang up 90 during an 84-point blowout in 2005.

Hungry for a glimpse of Broman's Larry Bird-like mid-range dominance? Check out this highlight reel of Anders raining jump shots all over his high school competition this year:

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I have seen him play the offense is ran to him he takes 80%, his brother feeds him beautiful assists and his other points come from running back court after the other team shoots (cherry picking). He is a great player, but not D1 material.

Dennis Middendorf
Dennis Middendorf

I was at the game. The game was not a overtime game. Melrose led by 19 a few times in the second half only to trail 103-102 with 3 minutes to go. Melrose hit a couple of shots on the end to win the game.  Many people said it was the greatest game they ever have seen.

Dennis Middendorf


Your nuts, he is an amazing player! A hoff type guard, who has great potential. Although is brother is quite good at assisting him. 


Oops! Should've mentioned that -- it was 114-110.

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