Benito Hernandez Romo Jr. allegedly steals car during job interiew

Benito Hernandez Romo
Benito Hernandez Romo Jr. was looking for a job when he stole a car, prosecutors say.

Romo was in Apple Valley for a job interview when he took someone else's car for a joyride. According to police, the car's rightful owner parked his car at a train station in Apple Valley just before 7 a.m. January 30. The keys stuck in the ignition, but with a bus to catch, the owner left the readily steal-able car behind.

The car was gone when he returned that evening.

Lakeville police stopped Romo while he was driving the car the next day.

Romo admitted to stealing the car, according to FOX9, and said it was his first car theft.

Dakota County prosecutors have charged him with motor vehicle theft.

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Sam I am.
Sam I am.

It looks like diversity has spread to Apple Valley now.

Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

Bu then on the other hand, he WAS out looking for a job.  Unlike the nig-nogs who just steal cars because they feel they are entitled to them.

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