Food fight leads to 30-person brawl at Bloomington TGI Friday's

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The epic food fight from Animal House
Folks stopping by the Bloomington T.G.I. Friday's last night for a late-night bite were treated to a scene right out of Vince McMahon's imagination.

A little before 1 a.m. (who knew T.G.I.'s stayed open that late!), a huge melee broke out involving as many as 30 patrons. Seven were arrested for rioting and five were treated for injuries.

When officers arrived, there were people fighting both inside and outside the building in what has to be the craziest fight ever at an establishment known for... wait, what is T.G.I. Friday's known for?

tgi fridays.jpg
The food fight to end all food fights broke out last night in Bloomington.
According to Bloomington police, the brawl began with two tables of customers giving each other "lipservice." That led to what must've been one of the most epic food fights in Minnesota history, which ultimately culminated in the patrons hitting each other with things that can do a lot more damage than breadsticks.

Nobody was seriously injured, but T.G.I.'s estimates it suffered about $1,500 in damages. That's a lot of salads.

We'll be sure to update if any video of the WWE-style rumble becomes available.

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