Brian Schmidt arrested for drunkenly ripping head off ex-girlfriend's pet snake

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In a drunken rage, Schmidt allegedly threatened to kill his ex, among other felonies.
Brian Schmidt is charged with three felonies after being arrested for drunkenly ripping the head off his ex-girlfriend's pet snake and threatening to kill her.

Schmidt, 38, turned up at his ex's Woodbury home late Saturday night, while her place was being watched by a babysitter. The Anoka resident was drunk, and the babysitter asked him to leave. But Schmidt wouldn't budge, and instead started berating the babysitter, blaming her for the demise of his relationship with his ex.

His ex returned home after midnight and found Schmidt sleeping in her bed. She woke him up and gave him a ride back to his car -- not yet suspecting the damage he'd already done to her snake or the harrowing experience she was in for while driving him back to Throwbacks Bar in Woodbury.

While he was getting a ride back to his car, Schmidt allegedly went berserk and started screaming at his ex. She stopped the car and told him to get out immediately. But instead of getting out, Schmidt told her he'd kill her if she didn't complete the trip back to Throwbacks, according to the criminal complaint.

Schmidt wasn't done giving his ex a hard time once they reached Throwbacks. After exiting her car, he allegedly punched the vehicle and tried to block her exit. She managed to return home without further incident.

But she was in for a rude surprise when she got back home. She noticed that her pet snake's head had been ripped clear off, presumably by Schmidt. She also noticed that Schmidt had both poured lotion and peed on her clothing. She then called police to report what had happened.

Schmidt is charged with first-degree burglary, terroristic threats, and torturing animals -- all felonies. His ex, meanwhile, is left to carry on without the companionship of her cold-blooded friend.

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Carpet Man
Carpet Man

He really isn't that bad of a dude! Just made some stupid decisions. He has had a really tough life from a little boy! There are a million other people in this world who have done 100 times worse than what happened on this sad night!!!


This guy needs a good head kicking.. hope he finds his true love in the shower in the prison.


Where do these losers come from?


He killed an animal, threatened to kill his ex, and was abusive.  He IS that bad of a dude.


He didn't need to take it out on her pet snake though, that makes him a douchebag.

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