Duluth: "Pro-white" rally to protest anti-racism billboards

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A pro-white group plans to rally in protest of Duluth's controversial anti-racism billboards.
Backlash against the Un-Fair Campaign's "It's hard to see racism when you're white" billboards continues.

Stormfront -- a "white nationalist" group devoted to promoting white pride throughout the world -- plans to rally in Duluth on March 3 to protest the billboards.

A poster on Stormfront's forum writes that the rally is "not organization specific but simply a collective effort of various pro-white individuals." It's scheduled for March 3 at 10 a.m. at Duluth City Hall.
Stormfront's logo.
Phil Pierson, creator of a "STOP Racist Unfair Campaign" Facebook page, is less than thrilled to see Stormfront piggyback his group's effort to get the billboards taken down.

On Facebook, Pierson suggests his group ignore Stormfront:
The unfair campaign and their openly racist message don't even deserve the attention they've been getting. I say we treat them the same way we treat these white supremacist clowns. Ignore them. All they want is attention.
There is no indication that the Un-Fair Campaign is considering taking down the billboards in response to the firestorm. Sheryl Boman, a member of the Duluth Human Rights Commission, told the Duluth News Tribune that the commission and other campaign sponsors anticipated a backlash.

"We recognized there would be people who would be upset about the campaign," she said. "We knew it would be a hard but necessary conversation for the community to have."

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