Eric King attempts to steal 19-inch TV by stuffing it in his pants; almost gets away

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Forget socks: King stuffed his crotch with a 19-inch TV.
Some people think baggy pants look cool, others prefer them because they're more comfortable than tighter-fitting alternatives.

But Columbia Heights resident Eric Lee King apparently likes baggy because he can stuff things inside his pants then walk out of stores without paying for them. You know, stuff like 19-inch televisions.

According to a criminal complaint, King, 21, faces a misdemeanor shoplifting charge after trying to waddle out of an unidentified Eagan store with an entertainment system somehow stuffed into his pants on December 5 -- television, remote control, and power cords.

King may have even gotten away with the TV-in-the-pants routine if he hadn't dropped a box of candy on his way out of the store. An officer, seeing that King dropped something, tried to get his attention as he walked through the parking lot. When King didn't reply, the officer noticed he was walking strangely -- not bending his knees, shuffling, and clutching the front of his pants to hold them up.

The officer thought King's posture was sufficiently strange to warrant a stop and chat. But when he got out of his squad, King reached into his pants, prompting the officer to handcuff him. In a story the officer will certainly tell his grandchildren, a pat down revealed the unlikely presence of the TV.

Perhaps King should have contented himself with a handheld.

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Chelsea Scott
Chelsea Scott

I'm positive if I tried to steal a bag of M&M's I would get caught.


What a donkey!!! hopefully his mum was not too high to go to the hearing - he mum is a hooker.

Marcus Bachmann
Marcus Bachmann

I would like to see a young man with 19" in his paants.


Fixed. Had the new Van Halen playing as I wrote this, so the slip was Freudian. 

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