Eric Weisman pleads guilty to three misdemeanor charges in bizarre veterinary medicine case

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Eric Weisman, from his pet food website.
Eric Weisman, an ex-chiropractor and purveyor of vegan pet food, pleaded guilty recently to three misdemeanor charges relating to his failure to obey a 2003 injunction barring him from the practice of veterinary medicine. Weisman received a year in jail and $1,000 fine for each charge, but will avoid serving time should he obey the conditions of his probation.

So brings to a close a bizarre case that we documented last summer, in which Weisman -- who dispensed nutritional info for both humans and animals through a cable access show among other means -- was originally charged with 58 counts that included practicing medicine and veterinary medicine without a license.

Weisman was formally trained as a chiropractor, but lost his license after years of complaints to the Minnesota Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Nevertheless, he achieved a measure of success from his self-formulated vegan pet food, Evolution Diet, and through his cable access show, "Health Now!", despite having no formal training in animal nutrition. He got into trouble for claims he made about his pet food's ability to prolong an animal's life, and for having no published research to back up those and other claims. That led to an injunction from the Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine, barring him from practicing medicine on animals.

The charges leveled against him in June by Little Canada city attorney Trevor Oliver stemmed from a cat that Weisman brought in for a necropsy to the University of Minnesota. A veterinarian who took the cat filed a report saying that it was in such terrible shape, Weisman could be guilty of animal cruelty. That complaint led to a raid on Weisman's home, where 29 files were seized seeming to show that Weisman was diagnosing disease and giving nutritional recommendations to both animals and humans.

Oliver ultimately agreed to drop 55 of the counts, according to the Pioneer Press, in part because, while Weisman did agree he violated the terms of his injunction, any advice he gave out was prefaced by a disclaimer that he is not a doctor. Weisman told the paper this deal proves all his charges were false.

Read the whole, strange background story in our cover story here.

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E. Weisman's work in nutrition is a great asset. His vegan cat food is a proof.


The City Pages Weisman Story, like so many others that The City Pages publish is a worthy piece of journalism.  Worthy for what?  Toilet Paper or Cat Box Liner sounds reasonable. Morons that think (if they can think) wrote this piece shopper gossip siding with The Veterinary, Medical and Chiropractic Board and The Big Corporations that are running this country into the ground.  Lets face it:  This is yet another pure peice of White Corporate Trash Gossip.  The State is the Biggest Corporation in The State of Minnesota, so why not kiss some --- and give them yet another win.  Do not give any credence whatsoever to Weisman or the effectiveness of Weisman's Nutrient Compound Procedures.  Do Drug Companies routinely advertise in this Corporate Right Wing News Trash Magazine?  I guess they must.  Or maybe City Pages is worried about being involved in promoting Illegal Drugs, Prostitution, Nudity, Female and Male Trafficing and Greed.  Maybe the reason why they are kissing State Corporate  --- is so they can show the State Bosses that they are Good Little Right Wing Corporate Nazi Socialists and they only tell the Public exactly what the Corporate State wants them to hear.  There are so many lies and facts taken out of context in the Weisman Story that it makes me want to puke. 


Little Canada Attorney Trevor Oliver dismissed all charges against Eric Weisman for Practicing Human, Veterinary and Chiropractic Medicine and Animal Cruelty because THERE WAS OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE FROM PEOPLE ALL OVER THE U.S. AND LOCALLY THAT HIS NUTRIENT COMPOUND PROCEDURES WORK VERY EFFECTIVELY.  ERIC WEISMAN HAS VETERINARY RECORDS AND SWORN STATEMENTS FROM CLIENTS THAT PROVE HIS PROCEDURES HAVE SAVED MANY LIVES AND IMPROVED QUALITY OF LIFE IN A MULTITUDE OF CASES.  Eric Weisman also proved that he offered most of his consulting work with Sick and Dying Animals and Humans with Little or No Fees.  In fact, VIRTUALLY ALL OF ERIC WEISMAN'S FOLLOW UP CONSULTATIONS HAVE BEEN FREE.  In some cases WEISMAN GAVE OR OFFERED NUTRIENTS HE USES ON CREDIT AND OCCASIONALLY AT NO CHARGE.   Again, Weisman's clients from all over the U.S. stated that HIS NUTRIENT PROCEDURES HAVE WORKED WHERE A NUMBER OF MEDICAL and VETERINARY PROCEDURES FAILED.  THE BODY CAN NOT REPAIR ITSELF WITH DRUGS.  NUTRIENTS AND METABOLITES THAT ERIC'S COMPOUND PROCEDURES RELY ON ARE THE BUILDING BLOCKS THAT THE BODY ACTUALLY USES TO REPAIR ITSELF EVEN IN NUMEROUS MULTIPLE ORGAN AND IMMUNE SYSTEM FAILURE AND CANCER CASES WHERE THE SUBJECT IS NEAR DEATH.  Weisman has been able to uncover the body's underlying genetic mechanisms and their metabolites which can be used to re-boot damaged organ structures.  Many of these Nutrients and Metabolites are Synthetic Products that duplicate actual materials that are manufactured by healthy cells in normal young Human and other Animal Subjects.  AS ANIMALS INCLUDING HUMANS AGE, CRUCIAL METABOLITES, HORMONES AND VITAMINS THE BODY PRODUCES TO REBUILD ITSELF DECREASE THEIR PRODUCTION BECAUSE OF GENETIC DAMAGE.  THE GENETIC DAMAGE COMES FROM TOXINS FROM PESTICIDES, VEHICLE FUMES, HERBICIDES, CHEMICALS FOUND IN MEAT, POULTRY, FISH AND DRUGS INCLUDING VACCINES.     WEISMAN HAS ISOLATED VITAL NUTRIENTS, PROTEIN ISOLATES AND PROTEIN COMPLEXES AND VITAMINS THAT CAN REESTABLISH THE DNA'S GENETIC HOMEOSTATIC MECHANISMS ON A BROAD SPECTRUM SCALE.  THE VALUE OF WEISMAN'S  PROCEDURES IS THAT THEY ARE EFFECTIVE, LOW COST AND ALLOW PEOPLE WITH DYING LOVED ONES A VIABLE OPPORTUNITY TO BRING THEM BACK FROM THE POINT OF DEATH.  Weisman has used these procedures effectively with other health professionals including an Emergency Medical Specialist in Texas that has used several of Eric's Scientifically Designed  Nutrient Compound Procedures successfully.  2 Sworn Statements came from a Dentist in Michigan who has also used a number of Eric Weisman's procedures effectively.  Many of the Sworn Statements attested to the fact Eric's Procedures   saved Lives and sometimes at No Charge To His Clients.    

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

"purveyor of vegan pet food"Isn't that the first signal that something isn't right with the man?I wonder what the tigers at the MN Zoo would think if ya cut the meat out of their diet?

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