Footprints in snow guide Faribault police from burglary scene right to suspects

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Daniel Sanchez.jpg
Daniel Sanchez's footprints led to Faribault police solving a burglary mystery.
Usually, when people talk about the importance of "covering your tracks," they mean it in a figurative sense. But Daniel Sanchez and Alonso Silva should've heeded that advice literally.

The two allegedly broke into a business in Faribault and left the scene without being apprehended after an alarm went off. But police, following fresh footprints in the snow, were able to locate the bumbling duo hanging out in a nearby cemetery. Now they're each facing felony third-degree burglary charges.

alonso silva.png
Alonso Silva.
According to the Faribault Daily News, police, arriving at the scene of the Tuesday morning break-in, noticed two sets of fresh footprints leading away from the building, suggesting that whoever left them was running. They followed the tracks all the way to a nearby convenience store, where witnesses reported seeing two suspicious males walking around the area.

Officers were able to follow the footprint trail from the store to a cemetery, where they found Sanchez, 21, and Silva, 19, hanging out. Looking at the suspects' shoes, police were able to confirm that they matched the footprints leading from the burglarized business to the store and from the store to the cemetery, and the two were arrested.

Talk about being caught red-handed... or, rather, snow-footed.

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Immigrants - if you are going to break the law - then stop looking like african baboons!!! ha ha ha these guys should be sent to be hung!


I clicked on this story because the thumbnail looked like Barack Obama


Cultural enrichment!!! Yay!


People are stupid.  When i still lived in Lawrence, KS (30+ years ago) some guys jimmied the back door of the Gibson's (think WalMart in the old days), stole some petty shit and went home. (KS still cannot sell alcohol except for 3.2 beer in regular retail).  The 1/2 inch of snoe that had fallen overnight let the police right to their door.

Stoopid criminals, they never learn.

James Clark Reynolds
James Clark Reynolds

hopefully these young men will move forward from this, and go on to lead honest, productive and happy lives.  we have all made mistakes.  onward and upward, fellows!

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