Gigwalk, a smartphone-based temp agency, debuts in Twin Cities

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Gigwalk debuts in the Twin Cities next Monday.
Gigwalk is a temp agency designed for the smartphone age.

No longer does finding temp work in the Twin Cities meaning filling out a paper application, traveling to an office somewhere to drop it off and perhaps have an interview, then waiting indefinitely for the agency to place you. With Gigwalk's smartphone app, temporary gigs are at your fingertips.

Former Yahoo engineer Ariel Seidman is CEO of the Silicon Valley-based company, which will soon have operations in 13 metros, including the Twin Cities. He said Gigwalk is all about the "convenience factor" for people looking to find some additional work "without having to sit behind a desk all day."

Gigwalk offers two different types of gigs. For less complicated "instant gigs" -- for instance, traveling somewhere nearby to make sure a billboard is placed where it should be -- prospective workers can log in to the Gigwalk app, indicate they're available to complete the task, then go to work. For more complicated or longer-term gigs, workers create a LinkedIn-style profile for the review of prospective employers.

"Most of our gigs are in the half-hour to couple-hour range, but others are longer in nature," Seidman said. "It really ranges, but we aren't offering work that is months long."

Gigwalks contracts with both local and national companies to offer the temporary gigs. Participating companies have included Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, and Niselsen, among others.

Regarding the company's Twin Cities debut, here's some information from Gigwalk's blog:
Beginning Monday, Feb. 20, Gigwalkers in Minneapolis will find hundreds of Gigs right in their own neighborhoods. For these jobs, Gigwalkers will complete field research tasks for a leading Fortune 500 brand. Gigwalkers will be asked to visit a local store, collect in-the-moment, in-store data about various products using an iPhone, then provide feedback through Gigwalk on the products. This first round of Gigs will run for three weeks, and the payment for each Gig will be $8 to $20 per hour.
To download the Gigwalk app on your smartphone, click here.

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I like Gigwalk when I get easy opportunities! Being in between jobs has not been easy and I really enjoy doing the missions for some of the other guys. My favorite newbie is iPoll. I have it on my iPhone and my wife on her android.  Just yesterday, I got to do some really cool things for the Olympics at a local restaurant! Last week I went on a secret mission into a Target store and snapped a picture of a yoplait yogurt. The company is pretty good about catching cheaters so be careful! All in all I have made $480 on iPoll and $64 on Gigwalk. A couple others that I downloaded and am starting to use lately; check rewards and shop kick! No missions, just discounts, no real cash rewards either


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