Gretchen Hoffman, pro-gun, Twitter-challenged GOP state senator, running for U.S. House

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State Sen. Hoffman has a Republican challenger for the 7th District nomination.
Sen. Gretchen Hoffman, R-Vergas, announced this morning that she's running for the U.S. House in the 7th District against against longtime incumbent Collin Peterson.

The first-term senator's hand may have been forced by the redistricting process, which placed her in the same congressional district as fellow Republican Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen.

According to MPR, Hoffman's campaign said she's received a 100 percent rating from the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce and a "Best Friend of the Taxpayer" award from the Taxpayer's League of Minnesota. But she is probably best known for a Twitter gaffe last summer and her sponsorship of a controversial pro-gun bill currently working its way through the legislature.

During a hearing last May, Hoffman tweeted the following:
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But ​videotape of the debate showed that's not what Goodwin said at all. Quite the opposite: She was arguing that mentally ill folks not be treated like idiots and imbeciles. Hoffman was subject to an ethics complaint and later apologized for the tweet.

Hoffman is also the senate sponsor of the controversial Defense of Dwelling and Person Act, a bill that broadens the rights of property owners to use deadly force. The senate approved the bill yesterday, and it should be headed for Gov. Dayton's desk soon.
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Collin Peterson has represented the 7th for 21 years and is the top Democrat on the Agriculture Committee.

She'll challenge businessman Lee Byberg for the 7th District GOP endorsement.

Minnesota's 7th is the largest and most rural district in the state. It leans Republican, but incumbent Collin Peterson is the exception -- he's served the district since 1991 and has won each election since 2002 by 18 percent or more. Peterson is the top Democrat on the House Agriculture Committee and has been active in delivering federal aid to flood stricken communities in northwestern Minnesota.

In other words, Hoffman's young political career could be in for a swift ending.

-- Controversial pro-gun "deadly force" bill approved by Senate, likely headed to Dayton
-- Sen. Gretchen Hoffman apologizes for Twitter snafu, deletes entire account

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