Gretchen Hoffman, pro-gun, Twitter-challenged GOP state senator, running for U.S. House

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State Sen. Hoffman has a Republican challenger for the 7th District nomination.
Sen. Gretchen Hoffman, R-Vergas, announced this morning that she's running for the U.S. House in the 7th District against against longtime incumbent Collin Peterson.

The first-term senator's hand may have been forced by the redistricting process, which placed her in the same congressional district as fellow Republican Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen.

According to MPR, Hoffman's campaign said she's received a 100 percent rating from the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce and a "Best Friend of the Taxpayer" award from the Taxpayer's League of Minnesota. But she is probably best known for a Twitter gaffe last summer and her sponsorship of a controversial pro-gun bill currently working its way through the legislature.

During a hearing last May, Hoffman tweeted the following:
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But ​videotape of the debate showed that's not what Goodwin said at all. Quite the opposite: She was arguing that mentally ill folks not be treated like idiots and imbeciles. Hoffman was subject to an ethics complaint and later apologized for the tweet.

Hoffman is also the senate sponsor of the controversial Defense of Dwelling and Person Act, a bill that broadens the rights of property owners to use deadly force. The senate approved the bill yesterday, and it should be headed for Gov. Dayton's desk soon.
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Collin Peterson has represented the 7th for 21 years and is the top Democrat on the Agriculture Committee.

She'll challenge businessman Lee Byberg for the 7th District GOP endorsement.

Minnesota's 7th is the largest and most rural district in the state. It leans Republican, but incumbent Collin Peterson is the exception -- he's served the district since 1991 and has won each election since 2002 by 18 percent or more. Peterson is the top Democrat on the House Agriculture Committee and has been active in delivering federal aid to flood stricken communities in northwestern Minnesota.

In other words, Hoffman's young political career could be in for a swift ending.

-- Controversial pro-gun "deadly force" bill approved by Senate, likely headed to Dayton
-- Sen. Gretchen Hoffman apologizes for Twitter snafu, deletes entire account

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Hoffman's Twitter debacle was a clear reflection of her character, which was compounded by her childish response to the public outcry and ethics action taken against her in response. She never owned her mistake, but instead played the part of the snotty spoiled child who could not rise to the level of a genuine apology. 

MN-7 Resident
MN-7 Resident

Sen. Hoffman might very well be the single worst legislator ever elected in Minnesota, and she has earned that distinction on the merits.  If she thinks she has a chance against Rep. Peterson, she is deluded enough that the end of her political career will be the best thing for Minnesotans.

Her Tweeting misadventure last summer was a perfect description of how far the Minnesota GOP has fallen under the guidance of the likes of Brodkorb, Sutton, Dean, Emmer and all the rest of the bullies now posing as Conservatives.  Now she's pandering to the fearful and enabling the very worst fear-mongering demagogues with this "shoot first" bill, which solves no problems faced by anyone ever in Minnesota, but does allow all manner of irresponsible red-meat tossing, codeworded race-baiting, and violent revenge-fantasy macho posturing.

The sooner she is a distant memory the better.


Collin Peterson - 21 Years in Congress. Bought and paid for by the 1% er's. Time to go! If you fill your tank with expensive gasoline, think of OBAMA/Peterson as the culprits. Corn for oil, who is making the money. Collin is on Ag Committee and what has that done for you?


She knows she could NEVER be elected on her own merit,,so she needs to resort to shitting on the opposition, and hopefully coming out as the least stinky of the crowd.. NIce work,,did you learn that in college?

Sally Jo Sorensen
Sally Jo Sorensen

 Actually, that honor may belong to Ralph Kiffmeyer, a one-term wonder who devoted his time in St.Paul in an attempt to pass legislation that would have banned dildoes and other sex toys. 

He failed at this task, but the measure many have a certain explanatory power for those who need to understand the career of his wife, former Secretary of State and current Representative Mary Kiffmeyer. 

Sally Jo Sorensen
Sally Jo Sorensen

Gretchen Hoffman is a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council, puts her jacket on ALEC bills to do things like trashing state public employees' pensions (so as to not raise taxes on the 1%), and serves on ALEC's Health and Human Services Task Force.

Almost entirely funded by corporations, ALEC is a corporate bill factory that writes the agenda of the 1%.

She received a 100% rating from the Taxpayers League and is against raising taxes on the 1%,.  The legislature's 1% solution has caused property taxes to soar across the Seventh.

But perhaps you can pull a Robert Erickson and get a speaker's spot on Wednesday's Protest Against ALEC at the Minnesota State Capitol, and promote an ALEC member as an alternative to corporate spending in American politics.

That would be a good one.

Or perhaps you might engage in an honest discussion about getting big money out of American politics--the sort of thing that leaves voters in the Seventh with Peterson, Byberg, Hoffman or  going a few cycles back, commodity felon wolf  in GOP reformer's sheepskin, Alan Roebke.

As a writer living in the Seventh, I can't ask for better material (Occupy-hijacking trolls included)--however it saddens me as a citizen. 


Why don't you run for office dipsh#t


 Are you stupid?  Not only was she NOT RUNNING against Goodwin at the time, but that tweet was from LAST YEAR.


Obvious SEXIST. Woman hater! Collin Peterson 21 YEARS in office needs to go. He is reason we are in the mess we are. Collin Peterson has raised the price of MILK, Price of Corn, Price of Bread, Price of gasoline, and is bought and paid for by Cargill,Wells Fargo, and the 1%.

Sally Jo Sorensen
Sally Jo Sorensen

Perhaps you'd like to fill us in on the statute of limitations on mentioning a legislator's unethical behavior, Joe. 

By somehow pretending that other people are claiming that Hoffman slammed Goodwin during an election (no one has), you're demonstrating an intimate knowledge of the sort behavior that brought Hoffman before the Senate Ethics committee.

Between you and 1of99%, Hoffman supporters commenting on this post seem to be intent on illustrating the ethos of the candidate herself.  Keeping digging in, because those of us who live in the 7th need to see Hoffman and her supporters' MO clearly. Thanks!

Sally Jo Sorensen
Sally Jo Sorensen

1of99%  You obviously know nothing about Gretchen Hoffman's background or record in the Senate if you're proposing her as alternative to Peterson.

So let's review.  Hoffman sits on the board of a large family-owned corporation that makes pipe for sewers, plumbing, etc., that's based in North Dakota, where she grew up.  That makes her part of the 1%, don't you think?

She's a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC),serving on the  Health & Human Services Task Force, and has carried such pieces of ALEC legislation as increasing public employee contributions to  pensions-- even though the Minnesota public pension system isn't in trouble.

Instead, she and Mike Parry simply wanted to make sure that the 1% didn't have their taxes raised one penny.

Moreover, Hoffman wants Minnesota to become a Right-to-Work-For-Less state, having repeatedly said this on talk radio in Northwest Minnesota. In addition to that, she is scornful of Minnesota's unemployment insurance system rules allowing locked out workers at American Crystal Sugar to collect benefits.

She's received a 100% rating from the 1% front group, the Taxpayers' League

In short, Hoffman would put the 99% completely under the thumb of the 1% when it comes to rights in the workplace.

And it doesn't stop there.  After  the state government shutdown this summer, she suggested that the Legislature "look into" the state parks, since private industry  (like the county parks, since the poor dear didn't think that county parks were public)  did such a better job meeting campers' need while the state park were closed. 

Yeah, thinking about selling the people's parks to private companies really makes her a friend of the 99%. 

The other Republican in the race, Lee Byberg, is a business executive in an industry related to the turkey industry.

Peterson is no prize for the 99%, although on occasion he'll take pro-union votes. 

To sell Hoffman as the beacon on the hill for the 99% is to discredit the need to get money out of politics--and the ideals of the Occupy movement as a whole. But perhaps you can pull a Robert Erickson and get a spot on Wednesday's Protest Against ALEC at the Minnesota State Capitol, and promote an ALEC member as an alternative to ALEC.

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