John Kline confuses constituents, goes off-message in saying there's no need for Congress insider trading ban [VIDEO]

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Though evidence suggests otherwise, Kline believes current laws do a good enough job of banning insider trading.
In response to a question about Tim Walz's bill that would ban insider trading by members of Congress, U.S. Rep John Kline, R-Lakeville, adamantly told his constituents during a Monday town hall event in Shakopee that insider trading "is just as illegal for me as it is for anybody in this room."

That same day, The Hill reported that current laws do not prohibit lawmakers from profiting from nonpublic information they learn in the course of their duties. Hence the need for Walz's so-called STOCK Act.

Sally Jo Sorensen, an observer of Minnesota politics, said that "given that [Republican U.S. Rep. and former STOCK ACT opponent] Eric Cantor started flogging the need for passage of a stronger STOCK Act the next day, [Kline's remarks] seem pretty off message." Video of the town hall is after the jump.

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