Justin Fontaine, Wild prospect, criticizes "Foo Faggots" on Twitter, suspended two games

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Fontaine dropped the F-bomb on Twitter, and we're not talking about "fuck".
Minnesota Wild prospect Justin Fontaine apparently isn't very fond of Dave Grohl. But they way he chose to express his dislike will keep him on the bench for two games.

The Wild suspended Fontaine after he tweeted "the Foo Faggots were awful" following the band's Grammy performance on Sunday night. He later deleted the tweet and apologized.

Fontaine, 24, plays for the Houston Aeros, the Wild's minor league affiliate, where he's the team's second-leading scorer. He signed as a free agent after helping the University of Minnesota-Duluth win the national championship last year.

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In a statement announcing the two-game suspension, Wild management apologized for the "offensive slur." According to the Star Tribune, Fontaine tweeted to a fan on Monday that he felt "awful" and won't use the LGBT F-bomb again.

We'll try and give him the benefit of the doubt, but how, at 24 years of age, could Fontaine think even for one second that using "faggot" on social media is acceptable? The whole incident doesn't speak well for his UMD education.

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What a lame o! Haha glad he was suspended two games! That's what you get for talking shit! Btw, they rocked the Grammys!


Young people and social media--I don't get it. If it was "a roommate battle," then just fucking say it out loud to your roommate, who I assume is either in the same room as you or very soon will be. These kids grew up with the internet, and yet they still haven't grasped the idea that EVERYONE can see your shit when you post it on Twitter. Kids are a way too comfortable with a total lack of privacy. Privacy is good sometimes. When your statement is intended for an audience of one, don't broadcast it to an audience of millions.

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