Karl Bremer, The New Republic settle lawsuit over Vennes photo

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Karl Bremer couldn't disclose the details of the settlement.
Last November, we reported that Stillwater blogger Karl Bremer had filed a civil suit against The New Republic, accusing the magazine of reprinting one of his photos without permission. Bremer tells us he has come to an agreement with the Washington, D.C.-based publication, and the two parties settled out of court last Thursday, the day a hearing was scheduled in Washington County conciliation court.

Because he signed a non-disclosure agreement, he wouldn't explain the terms of the settlement.

"All I can say is that it was resolved to the mutual satisfaction of both parties," says Bremer.

The lawsuit was over The New Republic's October 2011 cover art for a story on Tom Petters. According to Bremer, the magazine used a photo he took of Frank Vennes Jr., Petters' embattled fundraiser, without his consent.

Bremer called The New Republic after seeing the photo, he says, and they offered to pay him for it, but Bremer didn't think the price was fair.

Here's a side-by-side comparison, via Dump Bachmann:

Karl Bremer says the photo first appeared on his blog, Ripple In Stillwater.

The two parties settled during a final mediation period before the hearing.

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