Lamborghini towed at University of St. Thomas [PHOTO]

Attention: If you are the owner of this white Lamborghini, it has been towed.
Now here's something you don't see every day: A Lamborghini being towed away.

The white Lambo was the talk of the University of St. Thomas campus on Friday after it was towed away in front of the stunned eyes of dozens of students, many of whom likely ate Ramen for lunch.

"Apparently there were multiple squad cars and two tow trucks there at one point," says University of St. Thomas student Bianca Jones. "They were obviously afraid of doing ANY type of damage."

The Lambo was parked in front of the University of St. Thomas Arches, which is a no-parking zone reserved for buses.

"I'm not sure how long it was there for, or if the driver just decided that he didn't need to abide by the rules, but after classes were done we all saw it preparing to be towed," Jones reports. "One person is calling this karma, because the driver of that car tried to peel out in front of them the other day."

Here's a picture of the Lambo getting towed:
Calvin Hauer
And the start of the "towed Lambo" meme:
UST Meme.jpg

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