Linda Hamm had open vodka bottle in her car when she ran over pedestrian, cops say

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Linda Hamm drank and drove, prosecutors allege
Linda Hamm has been charged with criminal vehicular homicide for running over Ann Blake last month.

Maple Grove police responded to reports on January 31 of a vehicle driving erratically and found it going eastbound on Elm Creek Boulevard at Main Street in Maple Grove. A police officer pulled up behind the vehicle and witnessed Hamm drive over a curb, onto the median, and hit a pedestrian who was standing on the sidewalk.

After running over the woman, Hamm crashed into another vehicle. The policeman tried to help Blake, 54, but she was dead. The cop came over to Hamm and saw that she had "watery, glassy eyes." He also found an open vodka bottle in the car, according to the criminal complaint.

Hamm, 61, was taken to the hospital, where a breath sample registered a .169. She agreed to provide a blood sample, too, and tested .18.

Blake had been out for a walk with her sister when she was run over. They were "enjoying the weather," the sister told police, when Blake was run over.

She told police that they never saw the vehicle coming or heard screeching tires.

Hamm faces 10 years in prison if convicted.

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Her car was essentially a loaded gun. If she had walked up to this woman and shot her in the face she probably would have been charged with 1st degree murder. The charge here should be the same. It is doubly unfortunate because she orphaned two children who had lost their father late last year. 


Is this ever going to end?  Have I drank and drove? Yes.  But lets not drive when you're drunk as shit which results in hitting multiple people/cars.  That could of easily been a stroller.  Not to say this isn't tragic. I feel for the Family.  Faces up to ten years.  That's funny. I have never heard of someone getting over 5.  Then cut a quarter off so less then 4.  She'll be out when the next Pres. race happens.  I'd honestly bet a months pay on that.

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