Richard Querna banned from high school games after admitting he masturbates to homemade video of girls playing basketball

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Mankato police
Richard Querna was banned from Mankato high school games
A man was banned from Mankato high school games after admitting to police that he masturbates to homemade videos of girls playing basketball.

Parents confronted Richard Querna at the Mankato West girl's basketball game last Friday after a parent noticed that he was only filming one girl, whom he constantly zoomed in on.

The parent alerted the basketball player's father, and the two men confronted Querna, who "got real nervous and tried to leave," according to the police report. Querna wound up in a meeting with school athletic director Ken Essay and gave him permission to review the footage on the camcorder. Essay found a video of Querna sitting in an office chair masturbating while yelling out girls' names.

In the video, Querna could be seen "grabbing" his nipple with one hand, while "stroking" his penis with the other. Querna narrated the act in the scene, saying he had "four separate camcorders recording his activity," according to the police report.

He was also yelling out "individual girl(s) names" and "appeared to be watching a video of something, possibly basketball as it sounded like cheering in the background."

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Ken Essay confronted Richard Querna after parents complained that he was zooming in on a high school girl
Mankato policeman Dale Stoltman asked Querna what was going on. Querna answered that he"really didn't know."

While talking to police, Querna said he "does a lot of recording" and "especially likes attending and recording girl's basketball games." He "corrected himself" to say he likes recording "all sporting events."

Querna, who lives in New Richland "about 45 minutes" from Mankato, admitted to police that he did not know anyone at the game. He claimed that he'd been running an errand and decided to catch part of the game. Later, he confessed that he'd gone to another girl's basketball game in Lake Crystal that night.

Officer Stoltman told Querna that the parents were concerned because he was only recording one specific girl. When she wasn't playing "he would set his camcorder down."

The man said he "likes to film the ones with talent."

When the cop asked if Querna likes to film the ones that are good looking, the man "acknowledged that might be true."

Officer Stoltman asked Querna if he masturbates to videos of girls playing basketball. He denied it at first then admitted it, according to the police report.

Querna told police he didn't see it as a problem.

Officer Stoltman told Querna that he and Essay had "major concerns" because Querna was taping girls as young as 14.

Querna said he "really didn't see it as a problem" but understood where the cop was coming from and "would never do it again."

Querna admitted to police that he travels in a van to "save on hotels" and told cops he has a bed in the back of his truck.

Officer Stoltman and Essay told Querna that he needed help. Essay decided to keep the man's camcorder. Officer Stoltman called a detective commander and said it didn't appear a crime was committed. Querna has not been charged with any crimes.

But Stoltman and Essay told the man that he was being trespassed from all Mankato schools and suggested to him that he should "stay away from ALL schools permanently or at a minimum until he can get some help."

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