Martell Webster's bonehead play seals Timberwolves loss [VIDEO]

martell webster crop.jpg
Needing a 3-pointer, Webster opted for a meaningless dunk. Doh!
Martell Webster has an epic mohawk. So epic, in fact, that it might be impinging on his brain.

Last night in Denver, the Timberwolves found themselves trailing the Nuggets 102-99 with just 4.9 seconds left in overtime. Denver was inbounding the ball on their end of the floor, meaning that stealing the inbound pass and racing down the floor for a game-tying 3-pointer was the Wolves' only realistic shot at extending the game.

Miraculously, Ricky Rubio's pressure D resulted in Nuggets rookie Julyan Stone throwing to ball right to Webster. He raced down the floor with the ball, hesitated for a moment at the 3-point line... then inexplicably kept dribbling toward the hoop and threw down a meaningless dunk, sealing a Timberwolves loss.

Here's the video:

Martell's boneheadedness didn't escape the notice of ESPN's Bill Simmons, who offered up the following tweet in response to the logic-defying play:
Martell, who by all indications is a thoughtful guy and class act off the floor, made no excuses for his poor decision. He also took to Twitter after the game and offered up the following:
All your "opinions" are appreciated? You mean like "what were you thinking you idiot?!"

Actually, somewhat surprisingly, replies to Martell's tweet from fans were almost universally of the "keep your head up, it's alright" variety. Maybe Timberwolves Nation is just really Minnesota nice.

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S. Abdul Otherwise Himself
S. Abdul Otherwise Himself

He wasn't really a bonehead.  He wasn't feeling the three.  Perhaps he should have shot it in theory?  But he'd just missed a baseline trey a minute before that.

These are the things you'd know had you watched the GAME instead of commenting on someone else's condensed account of it.  


//Maybe Timberwolves Nation is just really Minnesota nice.

Maybe we just expect them to lose anyway


If this gets Wayne Ellington back in the rotation, perhaps it'll be for the best.

Bacon Face
Bacon Face

Webster mad a mistake, big deal, at least he got the steal.  His 3 point shot wasn't falling anyway.

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