Minnesota Bear Center releases "the cutest footage to date" [VIDEO]

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Jewel the bear.jpg
Duluth News Tribune
3-year-old Jewel, pictured above, gave birth to two cubs last month.
Despite their huge stature and sometimes-threatening demeanor, bears can be some of the cutest creatures walking the face of the earth.

Don't agree? Then tell me that this footage from the North American Bear Center in Ely isn't one of the most adorable things you've ever seen.

The footage captures a one-month-old cub trying to get out from under her sleeping mother for a breath of fresh air. That mission was accomplished, but there was a problem -- the cub couldn't get back under her zonked-out mom.

What followed was a couple minutes of heart-melting mother-child bear cuddling. In fact, the center's video editor called it "the cutest footage to date."

The mother bear, 3-year-old Jewel, gave birth to a male cub and a female cub in her den before an internet audience late last month.

Here's the footage:

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