Minnesota Majority scrubs race-baiting imagery from website

voter id race baiting edited crop.jpg
Gone is the black felon, in his place now stands a Canadian valley girl.
Minnesota Majority received a lot of free publicity yesterday because of a race-baiting banner illustration on its website, but today the pro-voter ID group decided that wasn't the type of publicity they want to receive.

The controversial banner illustration has been removed and replaced with a "politically correct version for the hypersensitive."

Here's the before and after comparison:

voter Id race baiting.jpeg
voter id race baiting edited.jpeg
Gone is the dude with the mariachi costume and the black felon. In their place is some sort of... valley girl Canadian?

No ghosts, superheroes, or zombies have yet contacted us to let us know how they feel about being singled out as fraudulent voters.

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First off a felon "can vote" in minnesota just to be clear on the issue, he or she cant be on parole.So that cartoon piece is a little misleading and i agree about the baiting,i mean all felons are black?Second a prisoner cannot vote cause there in jail or prison so yeah no escapee's can vote that seems to be a no brainer.

Jane Snape
Jane Snape

Minnesota Majority has done this sort of thing before.  In 2008, they not only waxed poetic on "racial purity", but were defended by close ally and fellow voter-ID backer Mary Kiffmeyer:


MinMaj hurriedly changed the text in question, but here's what was originally written -- and what Kiffmeyer defended:

"FACT: The U.S. health care system serves the most diverse racial and ethnic population of any country in the world. This fact adversely affects every statistic by which we are compared to other countries. Black women, for a variety of reasons, are more prone to underweight babies than are Caucasian and Asian women. It is not surprising that Sweden has a lower infant mortality rate, or that Japan has a longer life expectancy than the United States does. They are nearly racially pure: we are not."

Someone tell Kiffy and MM that the reason Japan and Sweden have better infant-mortality outcomes is a) they have better social safety nets and less of a gap between their richest and their poorest, and b) as a part of a), they both have better health care systems than ours according to the World Health Organization: http://www.photius.com/ranking...


I can't believe I'm siding with MN Majority, but it is pretty silly to get upset about the original banner.

On a related note: it's shitty that felons can't vote. Isn't it enough that we take away their freedom for long stretches of time? Do we really need to take away their voice for the rest of their lives? It really doesn't line up with most constitutional principles.


it's a weird image both before and after. seriously re-thinking my GOP-ness these days... but we'll see where things stand this fall

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

When you think you have an argument but you can't conjurer up any facts, play the race card!The tried and true defense for the simple mind.

I love how it says" politically correct version for the hypersensitive"

Listen people, it's easy to recognize the "true racists" of society. Key:  It's the person who is the first to recognize someone race.The act of recognizing someones race is at very least pernicious.

And now they changed the convict to a white guy?DAMN THEM RACISTS!!!!


it's just a weird banner, no matter what you perceive its undertones to be. hah, you siding with MN Majority and me against it... who woulda thought? have a good one.


Wow I actually disagree Kirk. You've been kinda flying off the handle lately. I've been doing yoga and it's calmed me down a lot, maybe you should try. I usually agree with you, but you're being a little irrational lately.

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