Minnesota Majority, pro-voter ID group, blasted for using race-baiting imagery

Minnesota Majority is the main advocacy group backing the GOP-led drive for a constitutional amendment requiring all voters to show some form of identification at the polls.

Today, one of the websites Minnesota Majority maintains -- wewantvoterid.com -- is being blasted for using racist imagery.

A banner on the site uses the following characters to depict fraudulent-voting boogeymen -- a black man in striped prison garb, a Hispanic in what appears to be a mariachi costume, a superhero, a ghost, and a zombie.
voter Id race baiting.jpeg
How many stereotypes are in this one picture?
Dan McGrath, executive director of TakeAction Minnesota, a group that opposes the voter ID drive, said his group is outraged "at the race-baiting and the overt racism that proponents of the photo ID amendment and the likes of Minnesota Majority have put forward." U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison also released a statement condemning the imagery.

But Minnesota Majority rejects the claim that the black-man-in-prison-garb image is racist. Its executive director, who also happens to be named Dan McGrath, hit back by saying "Page one in the playbook of the leftist groups is to smear your opponent as a right-wing religious bigot." He told the Star Tribune that the prison-striped figure is meant to represent the problem of felons voting -- nothing more.

Hey Minnesota Majority, here's an easy way to avoid this sort of controversy next time around -- feature a white felon instead.

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