Mitt Romney Glitter F-Bomb: Did he say "fuck," "faggot," or something else? [VIDEO]

Mitt Romney said a word beginning with "F," and he was angry.
As you've no doubt heard, Mitt Romney got glitterbombed twice yesterday in Minnesota.

The second glitter shower provoked genuine anger on Romney's face, and he appeared to utter a word starting with "F."

Although the video is inconclusive -- the sound is inaudible and Romney's lips cannot be reliably read -- the second glitterbomber has posted a video and a tweet suggesting Romney called him a "faggot."

Here is the Tweet suggesting that Romney used a slur against gay people in response to the glitter attack:
The notion that Romney may have uttered a gay slur isn't entirely out of left field -- after all, the glitter bomb is the favorite protest tactic of choice by gay rights activists against anti-gay marriage Republicans, so perhaps it was the first "F" word that came to Romney's mind when he got sparkled for the second time in a row.

Even if he said "fuck," it wouldn't exactly put the devout Mormon in good stead with faith-based Republicans.

But unless audio surfaces, we're going to have to give Romney the benefit of the doubt on this one, and hope that he followed the advice of A Christmas Story and said, "FFFFFFudge!"

Whatever he said, the look on Romney's face is priceless. You don't want to see RomneyHulk when he's angry!

Judge for yourself by conducting a Zapruder-like analysis of this footage:


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