MNGOP, $2 million in debt, decries Obama's "out of control spending"

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The MNGOP thinks this guy's spending is out of control, but those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
Pot, meet kettle.

Late last year, figures released by the MNGOP's own Internal Finance Review revealed that the party is about $2 million in debt. Review committee chair Jeff Johnson characterized the MNGOP's balance sheets as containing "some ugly stuff."

Yesterday, President Obama released his proposal for the fiscal year 2013 federal budget. And despite the fact that the president's budget would actually cut the federal deficit from $1.3 trillion this year to $901 billion next year, with further decreases in future years, the MNGOP promptly released a statement decrying Obama's "out of control spending."

The New York Times highlights Obama's 2013 budget as containing "tax increases on the affluent and cuts in spending, especially from the military, both to reduce deficits and to pay for priorities like education, public works, research and clean energy."

The Times notes that while the current year's deficit of $1.3 trillion is the same as when Obama took office, it has shrunk measured relative to the total size of the economy -- the deficit is 8.5 percent of GDP now compared to 9.2 percent in 2009. If Obama's budget is approved by the legislature as-is, which almost certainly won't happen, the U.S. deficit for fiscal year 2013 would fall to 5.5 percent.

But here's what MNGOP Chairman Pat Shortridge, who took over for Tony Sutton last month after the party went public with its debt problem, and Deputy Chairwoman Kelly Fenton had to say about Obama's proposal:
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New MNGOP Pat Shortridge inherited a mess when he took over after his failed predecessor -- kinda like that Obama guy.
[Shortridge] On the campaign trail, candidate Obama promised to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term. He has failed incredibly and instead has run up trillion dollar deficits each year he's been in office. His budget released today is more of the same failed tax and spend policies that have driven our country further into debt and put Minnesotans on the hook for Obama's out of control spending. Minnesotans won't stand for this and in November, will vote to end the Obama presidency.

[Fenton] Obama's budget plan is simply out of touch. When he's added $3 trillion to the deficit over the past three years, cutting $4 trillion from the deficit over the next ten years is not a significant move to get our country back on track. Minnesotans and Americans deserve better leadership than this, and Minnesota will turn out in November to send Obama back to Illinois.
It's easy for the MNGOP to stand on the sidelines and lob criticism toward Obama. But how can party leadership expect Minnesotans to take their Obama's-spending-is-out-of-control view seriously when the MNGOP's own balance sheet is a model of fiscal irresponsibility? 

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