Playboy coming to U of M in search of hottest Big Ten babes

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Are you a hot female U of M student with little to no modesty? If so, Playboy wants to meet you.
Playboy's search for the hottest Big Ten babes comes to Minneapolis March 4 and 5.

As the classy-dirty mag's website notes, "there are some all-time classic rivalries in the Big Ten, but nothing is more hotly debated than which school has the hottest women." (Really?)

Interested in participating? All you have to have is a full-figure photo, nice breasts, curves, a good-looking face, and little to no modesty. If you meet those criteria, send an e-mail to to schedule an "appointment."

Candidates must be 18 or older and registered as full- or part-time students.

And no, participating women don't get any college credit, just the satisfaction of knowing photographs of their beautiful bodies are being leered at by horned-up folks throughout the world.

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Ashley Moreno
Ashley Moreno

They can just keep going-- stupid thing to do. Stupid sexist little boy mag.


Why don't they make an event of this like ggw does, they would make so much more dough. 

Mn Worker
Mn Worker

I heard Amy Klobuchar is submitting her photo for "biggest A$$" of the senate

MN Voter
MN Voter

With Amy Koch out of the running, it's anyone's game.

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