Playboy coming to U of M in search of hottest Big Ten babes

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Playboy Big Ten.jpg
Are you a hot female U of M student with little to no modesty? If so, Playboy wants to meet you.
Playboy's search for the hottest Big Ten babes comes to Minneapolis March 4 and 5.

As the classy-dirty mag's website notes, "there are some all-time classic rivalries in the Big Ten, but nothing is more hotly debated than which school has the hottest women." (Really?)

Interested in participating? All you have to have is a full-figure photo, nice breasts, curves, a good-looking face, and little to no modesty. If you meet those criteria, send an e-mail to to schedule an "appointment."

Candidates must be 18 or older and registered as full- or part-time students.

And no, participating women don't get any college credit, just the satisfaction of knowing photographs of their beautiful bodies are being leered at by horned-up folks throughout the world.

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