Rep. Tony Cornish crime bill: a noose and gallows

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Sally Jo Sorensen
A crime bill everyone can get behind?
Republican State Representative Tony Cornish unveiled his crime bill to DFL colleagues yesterday.

The "bill," revealed in an email to "All DFL representatives," features a photo of two nooses and a gallows -- and that's all. Cornish's Facebook reveals more information.

The gallows is apparently from Arizona, and the photo was apparently taken and uploaded to Facebook earlier this year. Under the photo, Cornish writes: "Only Sure Cure for Repeat Offenders."

Representative Tony Cornish is tough on crime
Pam Wingert Hallberg, a Facebook friend of Cornish's, challenged the state legislator.

"DUI repeats? Text driving repeats?" Hallberg asked.

Cornish did not respond to Hallberg's questions.

We put in a call to Cornish requesting comment about the email. We'll let you know what he has to say about the photo.

Cornish is the former police chief of Lake Crystal.

Hat tip to Bluestem Prairie blogger Sally Jo Sorensen.

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