Rick Santorum glitterbombed in Blaine [VIDEO]

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Rainbow-colored Santorum. Ick.
The streets of Minnesota are running rainbow with glitter!

In the waning hours before Tuesday night's caucus, the glitterati struck one last time at a Rick Santorum event in Blaine, showering the famously anti-gay former senator in sparkles.

"I think he just felt the rainbow," glitterbomb inventor Nick Espinosa said into his own camera, moments after cohort Ben Egerman pulled the pin.

It seems fitting that the candidate that would go on to claim the caucus was the final target. Romney was glitterbombed twice last week, Ron Paul was hit on Monday night in Minneapolis, and Newt Gingrich was interrupted mid-speech by two gay rights advocates at the Mall of America (after which one of the high-school age activists was manhandled by a scary-looking lady). Egerman and Espinosa are calling it "Minnesota Republican Fashion Week."

The tinsel typhoon has been grabbing national attention from everyone from the Huffington Post to MSNBC to The Atlantic -- after the Romney-glittering a writer at Salon opined that the tactic should die. But Egerman insists that going full-court press while the candidates were in town had a message.

"The point is to make Minnesota an unfriendly place for bigots," says Egerman. "When homophobes and bigots come to town they can expect a fabulous new look."

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