Rick Santorum goes for "big win in Minn" according to Drudge

Rick Santorum looking for a "big win" in Minnesota on Drudge Report today.
Minnesota is the lead headline on the Drudge Report today, which cheekily says Rick Santorum is looking for a "big win in Minn" at today's caucus.

The report links to a story with better-than-expected poll numbers for Santorum, including a projected 33% to 24% lead over Romney in Minnesota.

The article also quotes our own dearly departed presidential candidate, Tim Pawlenty:

Former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty, a leading surrogate for Romney, told CNN today that Santorum's record on things such as congressional earmarks shows he "is not the perfect conservative he holds himself out to be."

"His rhetoric and record don't match up," said Pawlenty, who abandoned his own presidential bid in August and threw his support to Romney shortly after.

So what do you think, is love for Santorum spreading across Minnesota?


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