Five pro lacrosse players arrested following 30-person brawl at Bloomington T.G.I. Friday's

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The T.G.I.'s food fight may be the second most epic on record, behind this one from Animal House.
Lacrosse can be a violent game, but normally, as is the case with other physical sports, players check their aggression at the locker room door.

That wasn't the case early Monday morning for members of the Rochester Knighthawks lacrosse team. Five members of the team were arrested after they got into a 30-combatant food fight-brawl with patrons at the Bloomington T.G.I. Friday's, hours after their team lost to the Minnesota Swarm Sunday afternoon at the Xcel Center.

One player was charged with two gross misdemeanors and a misdemeanor, and the other four were charged with misdemeanors. Two patrons unaffiliated with the Knighthawks were charged with disorderly conduct and fleeing on foot.

Rick Hart, deputy chief of police in Bloomington, told the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle that the five players became involved in an argument with another group of patrons at T.G.I.'s. The argument escalated, and eventually a fight broke out. Menus, glasses, and silverware were thrown, causing approximately $1,600 in damage to the restaurant.

Earlier reports suggested food was thrown before fisticuffs, so we're still comfortable classifying this as possibly the most epic food fight food fight since Animal House.

The five players made a court appearance yesterday afternoon at Hennepin County Court in Edina, then flew back to New York. They're expected to return to Minnesota for a future court appearance that hasn't yet been scheduled.

Perhaps the Knighthawks should consider just getting some pizza delivered to their hotel room when they're back in town.

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Rodney, you weren't there. Those players were throwing things and smack talking long before they threw their first punch. They started it and forced other people to end it. Oh and one of your precious players tried to fight an officer at the scene and had to be helped by one of those "vicious " patrons. Those players deserve worse than the punishment they received. They were not victims in any way. Hopefully they can form a code of ethics before they return.


Wait, wait, wait... I was assured by people on the CP comment board that this was all the fault of black people. These LaX players are obviously innocent.


This should not be a reflection on the sport of Lacrosse or the NLL but rather on the direct individuals involved. This is very unfortunate.


This town has a history of a group causing brawl style fights and posting them on u tube, those players where definitely victims and should not be punished by the NLL, i believe they would of been jumped even if they tried to peacefully walk away  

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