Santorum splatters Romney, Gingrich in new Minnesota ad [VIDEO]

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Would you vote for these men this sinister? Especially after they've been splattered with Santorum?
After months of playing relatively nice with his fellow GOP presidential contenders, Rick Santorum's new Minnesota ad splatters Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.

With a shit-eating smirk on his face, Romney is shown standing in front of a sinister Gingrich. Obama is in front of both of the GOP frontrunners, staring into the distance, while an announcer suggests the three 'aren't so different.'

"Supporting big government that strangles our nation's ability to create jobs, bailouts, government-run health care -- who can we trust? Rick Santorum."

After trying to bring down Romney, Gingrich, and Obama, and ad then builds up Santorum.

Santorum is "the only true conservative with a bold plan to restore America's greatness -- create dynamic jobs, cut wasteful spending, and reform Washington," the announcer says.

A poll released last week showed Gingrich leading Minnesota with the support of 36 percent of Republican voters, followed by Romney with 18 percent. Santorum was third with 17 percent.

But that poll was taken before Gingrich was trounced in Florida. And with Romney not polling well here, Santorum thinks there is still an opportunity to emerge as the "true conservative" in the land of 10,000 lakes ahead of next Tuesday's GOP caucus.

As the Wall Street Journal writes:
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Minnesota may be one of Santorum's last chances to get back in the GOP race.
Minnesota's non-binding caucus on Tuesday presents an intriguing target for the Santorum campaign because social-issues conservatives have been known to play an outsize role in determining candidates for state-house races and other local elections. With Mr. Romney looking vulnerable there, Santorum allies want to seize on Mr. Gingrich's unsteady performance in recent weeks to score headlines for the former senator.
The Journal reports that the latest Santorum ad is paid for by the Red, White & Blue Fund Super PAC. The PAC wouldn't disclose how much money it spent to air the ad, but said it is targeting the Minneapolis area.

Will the attack ad help catapult the former Pennsylvania senator to his first win since the Iowa caucus? It depends, in part, on what sort of impact the Santorum splattering has on the images of Romney and Gingrich here in Minnesota.

Here's the ad:

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