Spirit Airlines to offer flights from Twin Cities to Chicago and Vegas

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Spirit Airlines.
Spirit is trying to corner the market from Minneapolis to Chicago and Vegas.
Spirit Airlines, a discount carrier based out of Florida, announced this morning that it will be the newest addition to the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport.

Effective this summer, Spirit will begin offering daily flights from MSP to Las Vegas and Chicago. Today and tomorrow, tickets will go for $28.79 each way for a round trip, plus fees (which they've been known to pile on).

"Minneapolis-St. Paul is currently the 12th-largest provider of air visitors to Las Vegas, sending approximately 700 travelers to McCarran International Airport each day," says Randall H. Walker, Director of Aviation for Clark County, Nevada, in a statement. "Spirit's new service will provide more seats from this important market each day, greatly improving people's ability to travel between Las Vegas and Minnesota."

Here's Spirit's schedule to and from Chicago:

spirit sched1.jpg

And Vegas:
spirit sched2.jpg


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One more reason "high speed" rail is a boondoggle.


So bummed it wasn't JetBlue coming to MSP.


29.00 Each way.  Ya, those tix are gone.  I would go and party and buy the puppy out there that don't seem to breed so much here.  Oh well.

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