Tania Z. Chance, Burnsville schools' eccentric HR director, paid $255,000 to leave [VIDEO]

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Chance apparently had little regard for maintaining a veneer of professionalism while working for Burnsville schools.
In one of the largest settlements for a school administrator you'll ever see, the Burnsville school district is paying Tania Z. Chance $255,000 to leave her job as human resources director.

Chance, 39, signed a two-year contract with the school district just last summer. With a $136,273 salary and more than quarter-million-dollar severance, it's a good gig if you can get it.

The school district's decision to hire Chance raised red flags from the beginning. A self-published author and Ph.D. in philosophy, Chance starred in an eccentric self-produced YouTube video where she does some sort of bizarre kick-boxing routine then pours herself a half-dozen shots of alcohol (see the video for yourself below).

As you'd imagine, the video, which was posted before Burnsville hired Chance, wasn't popular with other district employees. The Star Tribune quotes Darren Byrnes, Burnsville schools' former webmaster -- his job was eliminated shortly after Chance was hired in July 2010 -- as saying he shook his head when he saw the video.
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School district administrator or America's next top model?

"It seemed really out there," Byrnes said. "She's supposed to be representing the district and she was out there doing shots."

Because the separation agreement includes a non-publicity clause, neither school district officials nor Chance has commented on why she's leaving. One strike against her is that Burnsville is the only district in Dakota County operating without a contract agreement with teachers. Negotiating the contract with the teachers union is one of her main job duties.

Libby Duethman, president of the Burnsville teachers' union, told the Strib that the feedback she received about Chance was "probably negative."

Getting a year and a half of seemingly unfruitful work from a person whose hiring raised red flags from the beginning, then paying her the equivalent of eight beginning teacher salaries just to go away? It doesn't speak well for you, Burnsville schools.

Without further ado, here's Chance's SHEgo video. For better or worse, she now has plenty of time and money to work on more of these:

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