Toro, citing lack of Minnesota snow, moves snowblower tests to Michigan [GRAPHIC]

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The Twin Cities has seen about half as much snow so far this winter as usual.
Minnesota's ridiculously mild, almost snow-less winter has forced Bloomington-based Toro to travel elsewhere to test its snowblowers.

With just a trace of snow accumulation in the Twin Cities area, Toro has given up on testing their equipment near home and instead traveled to Ironwood, Michigan, which is in the Upper Peninsula on Lake Superior's shore and covered with 11 inches of the white stuff.

How unusual is this winter's nonexistent snow cover? According to Climate Stations, by the end of last month about 15 inches of snow had fallen on the Twin Cities. That amounts to roughly half of the average for this time of year. Here's a graphic with the breakdown:
11-12 snowfall.gif
If the next couple months are anything like the mildness we've experienced so far this winter, then we could end up with less than 25 inches of snowfall this winter. How anomalous is that? According to Climate Stations, there have been only three winters since 1958 where the Twin Cities has seen less than 25 inches, and the last time it happened was 25 years ago. Here's a graphic with that info:
historical snowfall.gif
While there isn't any snow to blow this winter, the data suggests that probably won't be the case again next time around -- there haven't been back-to-back winters with less than 25 inches of snow since 1956-57. So it might not be a bad idea to give that now-languishing snow blower a little tune-up next fall.

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Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

Wow, this is the exact opposite weather we were supposed to have in Minneapolis this winter.Well at least according to "climate change/global warming expert" Paul Douglas.And yet people still follow blindly the religion of climate change/global warming. I say religion, because one has to have "faith" in order to swallow that tripe...


You're absolutely correct. How could burning fossil fuels as fast as we can get them out of the ground for the last 200 years possibly affect our sealed atmosphere? And what does it matter as we've almost run out of them anyway? Climate change is as big of a lie as acid rain was and nobody will ever convince me that a river in Ohio caught on fire twice.

Bob Alberti
Bob Alberti

 Yeah, no, you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. As usual.

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

You forgot about the lies the environmental left (emphasis of "mental") and Obama told; "the gulf of Mexico will be devastated by the golf oil spill for decades"...

Got to love how Obama NOW wants to drill and fracture for gas on 3/4 of public lands. Obama says; get out of the way you stupid bear! What's next, a geothermal plant on top of Yellowstone? How about the flooding of low lands near rivers to provide for a dam reservoir?

Vote Obama in 2012 suckers!!!!

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

HA HA HA Bob YOU are a brainwashed fool!!!!

Per Paul Douglas in the Star and Tribune (Posted October 19, 2011 - 8:22 AM)

Paul Douglas goes "Out On A Limb." Paul writes: I should have my head examined. So many people have been pestering me about the winter I figured it was probably time for me to place my bets about the upcoming weekend. Don't bet the farm based on this forecast. No wagering - please! Based on multiple interviews with long-range forecasters I trust, and hours staring at various weather maps, here's what I'm thinking for the winter to come:

3 degrees colder than average: MSP winter temperatures will probably run a few degrees below average for the entire winter. No El Nino to save us this winter.

Less Snow: 50-55" possible. I'm predicting far less snow for MSP and the rest of Minnesota this winter (the biggest storms are forecast to track well south/east of Minnesota). The meteorologists I've interviewed all seem to agree that we will NOT see nearly as much snow as last winter, when 86.6" fell (4th snowiest on record).

* Best chance of snow: late November, again late February into March, as the storm track lifts northward again.

This forecast is based on a mild to moderate La Nina (cooling of Pacific Ocean water), coupled with strong ridging over Alaska and Greenland, assuming a negative phase of the NAO, the North American Oscillation, and a similar negative phase of the EPO, or Eastern Pacific Oscillation. 

Liar for a cause are just that, liars.  And now we know where Bob stands and the moron that clicked "like" on Bob's comment...


On election day, if you feel a tiny pain as if you've just been pricked with a needle somewhere don't worry about it. That's just me, voting for Obama.

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