Twins auction Kardashian/Humphries baseball in strangely appropriate promotion

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kim-kris baseball.jpg
Kim and Kris signed this ball during the short spell in their relationship when things were going well.
Perhaps the only thing in 2011 that was a bigger failure than the Minnesota Twins' season was the marriage of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, so the Twins' latest promotion is strangely appropriate.

Our local MLB club is auctioning off a baseball adorned with the signatures of Kim-Kris Hump-dashian, with the proceeds going to charity. The opening bid is (gulp) $250, with subsequent bidding in $25 increments.

So, for the approximate price of one of the napkins at the Kim-Kris wedding, you can own a sad piece of American celebrity culture -- but at least you'll be contributing to a worthwhile cause!

Kevin Smith, executive director of public affairs for the Twins, characterizes the ball as a "one-of-a-kind item," a "baseball with both of their signatures which we believe is best used to raise incremental funds for the good works of the Community Fund." In other words, at least some good can still result from Kim and Kris' brief, depressing-in-every-other-respect union.
kardashian humphries.jpg
Kim and Kris were divorced faster than you can say "bilateral leg weakness".

The baseball was signed by the ill-fated couple before the Twins' July 1, 2011 game at Target Field. Humphries, a Minnesota native and forward for the NBA's New Jersey Nets, threw out the first pitch that night as he basked under the loving gaze of his sultry then-fiance. From there, the couple married the next month, then divorced just two days after that very same baseball season came to a close.

Most of us probably haven't thought much about the celebrity couple's possibly Minnesota-motivated divorce since then, but now the Twins are bringing those painful memories back to the light of consciousness. Let's just hope the Community Fund spends whatever proceeds they get from the ball more wisely than the Twins' front office has spent its money in recent years.

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