Wasted flight attendant results in cancellation of Grand Forks to Minneapolis flight

Skyy vodka.jpg
Apparently a flight attendant helped herself to a bit too much Skyy while on duty.
A Grand Forks to Minneapolis flight was canceled yesterday afternoon because a flight attendant was drunk. Really, really drunk.

According to a police report obtained by the Grand Forks Herald, the attendant, a resident of the Twin Cities area whose name hasn't yet been released, had a blood alcohol level of .186 -- more than four times above the FAA's allowed limit.

The woman has been relieved of her duties pending the completion of Pinnacle Airlines' internal investigation.

According to the report, the drunk attendant worked a Minneapolis to Grand Forks flight earlier in the day. Her boozy behavior was noticed by a passenger, who alerted the pilot.

Police arrived to deal with the incident once the plane landed. An officer noted that the woman smelled of booze and couldn't even spell her own name. Since she was supposed to be the only flight attendant on the return trip to Minneapolis, that flight was canceled, and passengers were placed on other Minneapolis-bound planes.

Though no booze was served during the flight, a search of the plane found three empty "sampler-size" 50-milliliter bottles of Skyy Vodka. A policeman noted that the vodka bottles gave off the same odor as the attendant's breath, indicating that Grand Forks officers have extremely keen olfactory capabilities.

Anyway, the incident would be more disturbing if it was the pilot who was flying drunk. A boozed-up flight attendant? Sounds like that could possibly make the trip more entertaining, assuming she doesn't spill a soda on you.

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If I got pulled off work every time I was drunk, I'd hardly have any patients.


Well as long as there isn't an emergency that doesn't require the flight attendant to say...deploy the slides, evacuate an ill passenger, etc. A flight attendant is just as important as the pilot, probably more so as they are who you as a passenger would be dealing with in the event of a crisis. Flight attendants are not primarily on the flight to serve you drinks - they're there to make sure the flight is safe and no one gets hurt.


Bullshit.  If the waitress is drunk she is less likely to fuck with the paying passengers.  I fly frequently, and I wish they were all drunk.  Or, even better, unemployed, and just a coke machine on the aircraft.


Well I hope you never have a flight where you're life is on the line. Jerk

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