Redbox: Wisconsin is the most romantic state

Looking for a romantic getaway? Forget Paris. Go to Wisconsin.
Move over Honolulu, see you later San Francisco -- if you're looking for romance, the place to be is La Crosse, Wisconsin. And if that doesn't work for you, go to Green Bay.

Or so say the folks at Redbox. The movie rental company recently compiled a list of the Top 10 Most Romantic Cities in the country based on the number of romantic comedies rented in 2011.

And don'cha know, the Upper Midwest dominates the list. Wisconsin is ridiculously well represented with four cities, Iowa with two, and Mankato clocks in at number 10. Apparently drinking beer, eating cheese, and watching romantic comedies is a more popular date activity than you might think.

Here's the entire top ten:

1. La Crosse, Wisconsin
2. Green Bay, Wisconsin
3. Ames, Iowa
4. Cedar Rapids, Iowa
5. Sioux Falls, South Dakota
6. Wausau, Wisconsin
7. Grand Rapids, Michigan
8. Fargo, North Dakota
9. Madison, Wisconsin
10, Mankato, Minnesota

It seems strange that Midwesterners rent so many romantic comedies, doesn't it? Chris, a commenter on Redbox's list, has a pretty compelling theory about why such films are especially popular with our neighbors to the east, and it has nothing to do with romance. He writes:
Chris disagrees with the notion there's anything particularly romantic about Wisconsin.


As a Wisconsin resident that lives pretty much between all 3 cities on the top 10 list, I find myself wondering if the survey points out something far deeper then the choices in movies.

Statistically, WI should not account for the lion share of romantic comedy rentals, unless there is a disproportionate amount of Red Boxes in the state vs other states/per capita. (Note: This might be true, given the number of red boxes in my home town.)

However, if one rejects this notion, then I find myself thinking the issue may be the deeper then first glance. Perhaps WI residents are greatly disappointed with the caliber of their fellow state residents and the attractiveness and "loveability" of the people they meet.

I can first hand state that finding healthy, active, attractive individuals who value a balanced life style of mind, body and soul is significantly more difficult then one would hope. If one takes the time to look at what the US culture defines as attractive physically and then considers states to find these traits...sadly, WI would not be on the top of the list. Thus....

Perhaps the net result is desperate Wisconsinites turning to romantic comedies to escape the realities of a barren landscape of highly attractive people we'd want to fall in love with. Besides, its far easier to sit at home and watch movies then get off our B#tts and get healthy. As for me...I'm going to red box to get a romantic comedy ;-)

Happy Valentines Day
Yes, Chris, you can't take this list at face value. Rather than interpreting the number of You've Got Mail rentals as evidence La Crosse is the most romantic city in the land, perhaps it means just the opposite. Unless, of course, your idea of a great date involves beer, the Packers, and perhaps a romantic comedy to finish off the evening.

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Dude doesn't know what he's talking about. The northern Midwest has some of the most beautiful women in the country! German. Dutch. Scandinavian. I've traveled many places. Love the girls here!


Considering the quality of the average big-budget Hollywood rom-com?

I'd say LaCrosse just has the worst taste in film in the country.

Seriously, all those Midwestern cities on the Top 10 merely seems to prove that these bland, middle-brow films appeal significantly more to "Flyover Land" than those coastal elites with their 'David Lynch this' and their 'French New Wave that'.

Here in the middle of the country, we like our Sandra Bullock!  She's like the mashed potatoes of the movies!

Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

Wisconsin chicks are really hot if you like loud, drunk, stupid chicks with armpit hair.  

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