Amy Senser trial will happen in Hennepin County

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Amy Senser will face a local jury
Amy Senser's trial will not be moving to Kandiyohi County.

Hennepin County Judge Daniel H. Mabley denied Senser's request to have her trial moved from Minneapolis to Kandiyohi County.

Senser stands charged with criminal vehicular homicide for running True Thai chef Anousone Phanthavong over off the Riverside exit of I-94 last August.

Phanthavong was filling his stalled car with gas when she ran him down.

Senser has admitted to running Anousone Phanthavong over but denies knowing she hit him. Her attorney Eric Nelson wanted to move the trial to the country due to the intense media coverage the case has sparked.

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman's office opposed Nelson's motion in a filing yesterday pointing out that many Internet comments on Senser stories came from out of town.

Although the judge ruled in the prosecution's favor, he did not explain his decision but wrote that he would explain it before Senser's trial, scheduled to begin April 23.


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You keep forgetting to mention that the hit and run was within a block of a hospital that might have saved him if she stopped to see what she hit (assuming her story about not seeing a person in her headlights is even true).  If the story isn't true, she knowingly left a man to die within a block of a hospital because she was too self-absorbed to care about someone else.

Sally Jo Sorensen
Sally Jo Sorensen

As someone from McLeod County (closer to Kandiyohi than Hennepin), I say, thank you Judge Mabley.  


What a Corncob!!!

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