Bullied Anoka-Hennepin students: It got better [VIDEO]

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Anoka Hennepin presser.jpg
From left, Ebonie Richardson, Brittany Geldert, Sam Wolfe, and Kyle Rooker.
In a press conference yesterday morning, six students who were bullied for being gay in the Anoka-Hennepin school district gathered with their parents and legal team to announce they've settled with the district.

Among them was 15-year-old Brittany Geldert, who talked about a time when her peers encouraged her to kill herself. She shared the same stories with Rolling Stone magazine in a piece that raised anger across the country.

Yesterday, however, she had a more positive outlook.

"I've not noticed a lot of change in the students," she told reporters. "But I have seen a lot in the teachers."

Kyle Rooker, Dylon Frei, and Geldert spoke at the podium about their personal stories, then all five students allowed reporters to talk to them one-on-one. Most agreed that since filing the lawsuit and speaking out, they've experienced less bullying and feel more comfortable with their teachers in the district.


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