Carl Pavano target of extorter alleging gay high school relationship with Twins pitcher

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A former high school classmate allegedly asked Pavano's family for an SUV in exchange for silence about a gay relationship.
A former high school classmate of Twins pitcher Carl Pavano recently approached Pavano's sister with the following message: Give me a Land Rover SUV, or I'm going to go public with the fact that your brother and I had a gay relationship in high school.

Pavano's sister, Michelle DeGennaro of Southington, Connecticut, went to authorities to report Christian Bedard's extortion attempt, and police have seized a laptop and journal from Bedard's home as part of a second-degree harassment and first-degree attempt to commit larceny investigation. Bedard, 36, has not yet been charged with a crime.

On Monday, Bedard told Southington's Record-Journal he was writing a journal as a way of giving closure to what he said was an "emotional and physical relationship" between he and Pavano which lasted for three years while the two were high school classmates.

Speaking of Pavano's family, Bedard said: "I'm sure they don't want any of this getting out there."

Pavano, 36, hasn't commented on the allegations, but his sister said Bedard is "attempting to extort monetary funds for his fabricated, false information."

The Record-Journal reports that in one December Facebook message sent to DeGennaro, Bedard said: "The only way your brother is getting out of this... is with a heart-felt apology and a navy Range Rover with tan leather."

If the Pavano family didn't meet his demands, Bedard threatened to publish a book detailing his gay high school relationship with Pavano. Bedard told DeGennaro he has a $1.2 million book deal in place.

"This is my best offer, an apology and a Land Rover and I'll kill the project," he wrote. In a later message, Bedard rescinded the offer, saying "the book is the best deal."

Doesn't Bedard realize that Pavano pitches in one of the most gay-friendly cities around? Even if it's true that Bedard had an "emotional and physical" relationship with Pavano, we think we speak for much of Twins Nation when we say -- who cares?

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