Champions Sports Bar haven for crack cocaine dealing, says Minneapolis police

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Whitney Houston probably would've... ah, forget it. Let the dead rest.
Minneapolis' Champions Sports Bar and Grill, located near Lake & Nicollet in the Lyndale neighborhood, has long been known as a drug den.

Bar management promised to clean the place up in 2007, but their efforts apparently didn't stick. Monday afternoon, Minneapolis police announced they arrested 11 and charged 14 in connection with crack cocaine dealing at the bar.

Said Matt Clark, head of Minneapolis' Fifth Police Precinct: "When incidents of narcotics trafficking surrounding a particular business are reported to us again and again we are compelled to use whatever means the law allows to stop this activity."

From Southwest Minneapolis Patch:
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It's all fun and games until your teeth fall out.
According to Minneapolis Police Department spokesperson Sgt. William Palmer, officers in the investigation made five narcotics purchases inside the bar, seven purchases that started at the bar but were completed elsewhere, and six purchases from the bus stops and sidewalks outside the bar. Palmer also said police investigated a report of marijuana being smoked on the bar's patio. According to the criminal complaints filed against the 14 defendants, officers bought between 0.1 and 0.2 grams of crack cocaine from each defendant.
After neighbors reported seeing patrons brazenly snorting lines of coke in the bar's bathrooms back in 2007, the city forced Champions to close for a few weeks and get its act together. But reached for comment this morning, a Champions employee said the bar plans to stay open as usual despite Monday's drug bust.

Remember kids, crack is whack -- especially when you buy it at a dingy-dive sportsbar.

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