Chris Kluwe freaks out on Twitter over Saints punishment

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Chris Kluwe tweets for the tweetless!
Harsh punishment came down today for the New Orleans Saints coaching staff members that may have been involved in putting a bounty on Brett Favre's head in the 2009 NFC Championship game against the Vikings.

Punishment for any players involved has not been announced yet, but Vikings punter Chris Kluwe took to Twitter this afternoon with harsh words for his peers.

Kluwe said previously that he believes both Williams and linebacker Jonathan Vilma should be banned from the sport for life. And while Kluwe's initial reaction to the NFL's announcement was positive, tweeting "Commish sent the right message," from there he got a little dark:

The next message seems targeted at Steelers safety Ryan Clark, who at one time tweeted that "Whomever is snitching on the Saints D should be ashamed of themselves":

Yeah, preach it! That'll teach 'em to steal our Superbowl. 

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