Clintonville, Wisconsin rattled -- literally -- by mysterious, unexplained booms

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Nobody knows what's causing mysterious vibrations and booms in northeast 'Sconnie.
God hates Wisconsin. How else do you explain the mysterious booms that are causing so much angst in Clintonville?

Many residents of the town, located about 45 minutes west of Green Bay, were kept up throughout the night Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday as sounds and vibrations reminiscent of thunder, fireworks, or someone slamming a heavy door rumbled around them.

Said Clintonville resident Jolene Van Beek: "My husband thought it was cool, but I don't think so. This is not a joke. I don't know what it is, but I just want it to stop."

During an emergency public meeting yesterday, city administrator Lisa Kuss announced that the city will spend $7,000 to hire an engineering firm to place seismometers around the city. Kuss added, however, that "it's possible we'll never have a definite answer" about the source of the mystery. We remind her that God works in mysterious ways.

Joking aside, the mysterious booms are causing serious hardship. Clintonville resident Sharon Binger said the vibrations have left cracks in her basement walls and floors. Her insurance won't pay for the damage until the cause of the shaking is determined. Some residents have gone as far as to flee town until the shaking stops, in the process becoming Wisconsin refugees.

Geologists think they know what isn't causing the booms, but remain as baffled by everyone else about what is causing them.

Said Harold Tobin, geoscience professor at UW-Madison:
Jesus gives the finger.jpg
We hypothesize that God simply hates Wisconsin.
I think we can rule out that standard earthquake activity, [that] some swarm of earthquakes is happening in that region. It also really looks like it's not connected to, say, unusual drilling activity or some other kind of real obvious human induced signal.
Steve Dutch, a geologist at UW-Green Bay, said he's heard from people who are worried about a sinkhole opening up and swallowing Clintonville homes. Dutch said he doubts the small Wisconsin town will be sucked into one of hell's outer circles, but acknowledged the booms could be caused by underground rocks shifting due to a low water table.

New reports suggest the mysterious booms are spreading -- vibrating and shaking was also reported this week in Montello, a town about 80 miles south of Clintonville.

Chalk it up as one more reason to avoid Wisconsin.
(Reminds us of this video of similar unexplained sounds "apparently" happening around the world last January. This guy pretty much much debunks it, but it's still creepy.)

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Uno people need to quit guessing but sometimes it helps every body talks about wesconsin what if it was happening were u are at u probley wouldn't be making fun of it America does need to come together and help these people find the problem. Americans are trying to be ruled Americans are at suppose to rule america and help one another in crisis lets do our part and that pic on this page of the lord giving the finger is not suitable or have anything to do with what's goin on if u won't to blame. Blame Americans government's for not doing there job to keep us safe in this world all they care about is taxes. Higher gas and losing jobs so the Americans can't live do something and help these people our so called government!


that shaking and boom like sounds is a sign of a big sink hole under the city just forming. it happen in Guatemala before the whole city blook dissapear. what happens is the lower level craks and snaps and falls in to the inside of the earth and ut sends a shock wave. so i guess your town is held by a string now.


If everybody would believe and quit trying to put the blame on god and America pull together we are able to figure this out we have the technology to find out what's goin on I hate what's going on there if I could help I would and I'm from Tennessee.

Randall Douglas
Randall Douglas

I don't think fracking is green technology it's cracked up to be.  Local experts may have a reason to debunk the anti-frack.

Dig deeper and you'll get you answer, imo. My layman theory is that cracking foundation rock all across the country can have a destabilizing effect -- even miles away from the source -- much like shifting plates.

Get ready for "unusual" sinkholes and "suprise" earthquakes and volcanic activity to go along with the "crazy weather we've been having" to use the preferred term on Fox weather. The Fundies will say it's completely natural activity and that anyway we are nearing judgement day and they told us so about the rapture. I think we've already been judged by nature as being really stupid and greedy.  I don't know, this one could be something natural -- but there's more and more towns describing the earth groaning and earthquakes in places where it's been stable for eons.

I don't know. Maybe this one is something natural or's just my guess.


I bet Michele Bachmann could explain it !!


Fucking Minnesotans and their Wisconsin envy. 


Wrong email its Bolton

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