Eric Bower, lone at-large Native Mob defendant, arrested

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Eric Bower's arrest tops off the feds' Native Mob case
Suspected Native Mob member Eric Bower was arrested yesterday, ending the feds' manhunt that began earlier this year.

In late January, the feds unsealed an indictment charging 24 people with crimes associated with the Native Mob. The feds shut down all Minnesota state prisons in pursuit of the alleged gangsters.

Bower, 23, eluded capture until yesterday, when the U.S. Marshals Service Northstar Fugitive Task Force busted him in Minneapolis.

Bower stands accused of three crimes: conspiracy to use and carry firearms during and in relation to a crime of violence, conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute controlled substances, and RICO conspiracy.

He was arrested without incident, according to a statement released by the United State's Attorney's Office.

Bower will make his first court appearance later today.

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Bs Story
Bs Story

If you don't believe Eric turned himshelf in check with Mr Ed Yellowhammer down at legal rights. He help Eric take the first step in straighting his life out. MEGWETCH ED

Bs Story
Bs Story

It makes me wonder also how much of this and other related stories are true. I have first hand knowledge that Eric turned himshelf in. Does the government really enjoy making our people out to be these renegade thugs? And what role does the media, social and print have to do with this? Yes there is. Such a thing as freedom of speech in this country but does the government dictate what is printed or not? Reading this articule would at least make me believe so. Or at the least say the author did a poor Job of fact checking.


 Dont believe every thing that you read people.....This man turned himshelf in yesterday with the help of the legal rights center of Minneapolis. He was not "BUSTED" he walked into the Federal building with a representitive of the legal rights center and turned himshelf in... Geez give the guy some credit here he did the right thing! I used to like reading this publication and the online blogs but know it makes me wonder how much is fabricated for sensationalized journalism and how much is the truth???? But i also see other publications reporting the same thing so maybe the Citypages is just helping the goverment by participating in they"re horrible properganda machine by spreading lies in the Native American community!

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