Firefighters battle flames in drag [VIDEO OF THE DAY]

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Paul Streitz
To Wong Foo, Thanks for everything, A Burning Car
Apparently, not everyone spends St. Patrick's Day being drunk and generally worthless.

According to Paul Streitz, a parade-goer who captured the whole thing on his iPhone, volunteer firefighters from Sedan were about to drive their rig in a St. Paddy's Day parade when a vehicle caught fire nearby. The high winds and dry conditions caused the flames to jump to another car, and two firemen who were on a float leaped into action.

There was just one thing -- they were dressed as fireladies.

"There was no hesitation," says Streitz.

The video shows two guys in long ball gowns battling the flames while pulling up their falling straps. Some of the attention caused negative reaction from other firefighters, saying the men should have suited up properly before turning on the hoses. But Streitz says as soon as the flames went out the crowd went wild.

"Everyone who was there thought they were heroes," he says.

Streitz shared some additional footage with us. Check it out the original video here:

And a little additional bit here, which shows the extent of the damage, as well as more firefighters in pretty, pretty dresses:

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Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

I foresee a fine coming from OSHA. Do we taxpayers not pay a fortune for their protective gear?Otherwise, the hell with it, I would put out fires in my boxer shorts on those 90+ degree days.  Why would any firefighter in the future risk heat exhaustion?

Jeremy B
Jeremy B

 You're just jealous because you know these guys fill out a dress better than you do. ;)

Sally Jo Sorensen
Sally Jo Sorensen

 Please, Kirk, put on your summer dress if you're going to put out fires.

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