Gov. Dayton will veto teacher tenure reform legislation

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Dayton thinks the tenure reform bill about to reach his desk is premature.
Republican sponsors of a bill mandating that teacher layoffs be determined primarily by merit acknowledged today that the bill won't escape the veto pen of Gov. Mark Dayton.

The governor met privately with bill sponsors this morning. He reportedly told them he's concerned that tenure reform is tied to a new teacher evaluation system that won't be developed until 2014.

Dayton told Republicans he shares the goal of getting the best possible teachers in Minnesota classrooms, but said he's concerned that teachers have been demoralized by the raft of "anti-public education and anti-teacher" legislation being pushed by the MNGOP.

Said Dayton: Teachers "feel like they're doing their best, but they get little credit or recognition."
Polls indicate a solid majority of Minnesotans support tenure reform.

Teachers and Education Minnesota may not support tenure reform, but polls show a vast majority of Minnesotans do. A survey published late last month revealed 90-plus-percent, bipartisan support among Minnesotans for reform allowing teachers and principals to be hired, fired, and paid based on the academic progress of their students.

Sen. Pam Wolf, R-Spring Lake Park, tenure reform sponsor and a teacher herself, mentioned the poll while making remarks following today's meeting.

"If 80 percent of Minnesotans want this and [Dayton] wants to say no, that's his prerogative," she said.

Sen. Branden Petersen, R-Andover and House sponsor of the bill, said he doubts teachers will be any more supportive of tenure reform even after the new evaluation system is in place.

"If [Dayton] thinks the union isn't going to oppose this bill in four years after the teacher evaluation system is in place, he's kidding himself," Petersen said.

-- MN Senate passes bill mandating teacher layoffs be determined by merit, not tenure

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Below - and I teach high school math.... (not joking on the cannot multiply).

Try taking an algebra class w/out being able to do 72/9.

How can this possibly be used to determine MY job?


how can I be judged on my students when I have around 20 who show up 1-2 times every 2 weeks, many who don't do homework or cannot even multiply the first time they walk into my classroom?

How is that fair to ME?

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

"raft of "anti-public education and anti-teacher" legislation being pushed by the MNGOP"

A TEACHER that brought the bill...

but hey, scare tactics work with his constituents.  They react based on emotions and not logic...


The repubs can just put it on the ballot as a constitutional amendment. That's all they seem to know how dot do anymore. They sure as hell don't know how to communicate or build consensus. It's gonna be a long ballot this year!


Democratic crony politics at its best. Who would have thought, with such a squeaky clean, incorruptible capitalist mogul like Dayton running the show?

Jeff Gobats
Jeff Gobats

Lets just get rid of the legislators all together and we all vote once a month. 

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