John McCain is Michele Bachmann's sugar daddy

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McCain is planning a D.C. fundraiser to help Bachmann pay down her million-dollar debt.
Friday, it was revealed that Michele Bachmann is more than $1 million in debt following her ill-fated presidential run.

Bachmann is traditionally a strong fundraiser, but this time around she faces the unique and unenviable challenge of trying to pay down significant debt while raising funds for a U.S. House reelection run.

Thankfully for her, John McCain is apparently willing to play the part of knight in shining armor. Over the weekend, Bachmann staffers announced that McCain will host a fundraising event for Bachmann this week in Washington.

Bachmann predicted strong first-quarter fundraising numbers for her reelection campaign.
That McCain is coming to Bachmann's rescue is a little curious. Just last summer, he dissed her with just about the worst insult one Republican can hurl at another -- discussing her staunch opposition to raising the nation's debt ceiling, he said she was acting "sort of like Senator Obama did" when Barack voted against a debt ceiling increase back in 2006.

But they've apparently buried the hatchet since then. And with the Arizona senator's support, Bachmann is confident that the million-dollar debt won't hamstring her reelection prospects.

"No other member of Congress in the history of the United States Congress has ever raised more money for election" than the $13.5 million she raised in 2010, Bachmann told MPR this weekend. "And I'll do it again this time."

Correction -- An earlier version of this piece didn't properly attribute the quote in the final paragraph to an MPR report. We apologize for the error.

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