K-Love, Big Pek's rebounding prowess inspires Breaking Bad spoof [PHOTO]

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Love and Pek.jpg
Love and Pek have been Breaking Boards this season.
The T-Wolves' Kevin Love and Nikola Pekovic have become an impressive rebounding tandem -- so impressive, in fact, that they've inspired an awesome Breaking Bad poster spoof.

Love currently ranks 12th in the NBA with a rebounding rate of 19.1, meaning he corrals about one in five available rebounds while he's on the floor. Pekovic, meanwhile, ranks 38th with a rate of 15.1 percent.

Okay, granted, those numbers aren't jaw-hitting-the-ground impressive. But they're pretty solid, and in any event, this poster is just too cool not to get recognition. Check out the image, along with the original Breaking Bad poster, below.

Here's Breaking Boards:
breaking boards poster.jpg
And here's Breaking Bad:
Breaking Bad poster.jpg
T-Wolves fans hope that K-Love and Big Pek can lead the charge as the Wolves hopefully cook their way into the playoffs for the first time in eight years this season.

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