Kevin Mims sentenced for stabbing friend in the heart

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Kevin Mims stabbed Brian Nelson after being called "cheap."
Kevin Mims was sentenced to more than 18 years in prison yesterday for stabbing a friend in downtown Minneapolis.

Mims got into an argument with Brian Nelson and another acquaintance last fall after the two men teased him about being stingy with weed and money. The friends called him "cheap," so Mims took a swing at one of them and a melee ensued.

Mims then stabbed the two men with a pair of scissors in a downtown parking ramp. One of the men survived the attack but Nelson didn't as he was stabbed right in the heart.

Mims's second victim received stitches in the arm from the attack.

Mims was convicted by a Hennepin County jury last month and sentenced yesterday to 246 months in prison.

Kevin Mims charged with murder in stabbing death of Brian Nelson

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Damn!!! That's one hideous beast.

What is it w/blacks getting violent over the smallest things?

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

"The friends called him "cheap"

Kevin Mims says, "I'm so cheep I'm gonna stab you with this pair of scissors, cuz I can't afford a good knife."


Don't be stingy with the weed.  Pass that.


 What is it with whites being racist, in general?


Wait. Isn't that racist as well?

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