Lawrence Wajda charged with meth possession in Mpls fire house

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Lawrence Wajda faces felony drug possession.
Lawrence Anthony Wajda Jr., a veteran Minneapolis firefighter, was charged with possession of methamphetamine Wednesday after police found .5 grams of the drug with him at work.

Wadja, who has worked at the department for more than 20 years, faces felony fifth-degree drug possession.

"It's unfortunate," says Mark Lakosky, fire union president. "We don't condone this bullshit."

Armed with a warrant, Minneapolis police searched the fire house in Stadium Village, near the University of Minnesota's East Bank campus, on Tuesday. After finding the meth on Wajda, officers searched his sleeping area, and found one pill of Ecstasy in a luggage bag.

Autumn Marie Ronning, a woman at the firehouse, fessed up to the pill.

Ronning isn't a firefighter, but was apparently hanging out at the firehouse when the officers showed up. Police searched Ronning, and found another .2 grams of meth and eight pills of Suboxone, a prescription opioid medication.

Ronning was charged with three counts of fifth-degree possession. Both had first-appearance hearings scheduled this morning.

Update [11:45 a.m.]:

Wajda is still employed by the fire department, "but that status is subject to change as the investigation moves forward," says Asst. Chief Cherie Penn in an email.

Here's the full statement from newly appoint Chief John Fruetel:

"As the new Fire Chief I am deeply concerned and disappointed to hear such allegations. I expect that personnel in this department maintain the highest professional and ethical standards. I have no doubt that the women and men of the Minneapolis Fire Department serve the people of this city with courage, integrity and respect. Unfortunately it is cases like this where the actions of a single individual can cast a shadow on the entire department."

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Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

This guy was previously busted last year on drug charges and sentenced for it last month.  The Anoka County Attorney is scratching their head and wondering why he still had his job. 

Here is another gem from his past - "Issue Dishonored Check" and the judge gives him a fine and preferential treatment such as - "Physical Case File Destroyed Per Retention Schedule"  They think they can destroy it, but I can still find it...


And sadly, the epidemic continues, even here.


Stupid is as stupid does. Have an ex that decided to further her EMT creds by making meth. Got caught. Got out on bail. Decided she'd learned her lesson, and did it again. Got caught again. Did time. Likely lost her kids. Likely it's my fault. However, I still serve as a firefighter/EMT.


Glad somebody's out there 'finding stuff'!


***even here*** meaning = the fire department.

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