Little Joe Gustafson guilty on racketeering charges

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Little Joe Gustafson could face 20 years in prison if the prosecutors get their way.
Duane "Little Joe" Gustafson was found guilty on a dozen charges yesterday in Hennepin County.

Prosecutors says Gustafson is second-in-command of the "Beat-down Posse," a violent and notorious gang that terrorized the North Side. Charges against Gustafson include: racketeering, terroristic threats, kidnapping, mortgage fraud, drug trafficking and unlawful possession of a firearm.

"The Beat Down Posse is no more," says Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman in a statement. "Thanks to the fine efforts of our prosecutors, Minneapolis police, Minnesota Department of Commerce, FBI and IRS investigators, the Gustafsons and their followers can no longer terrorize Minneapolis' North Side. I couldn't be happier."

We first reported about Gustafson two years ago in our cover story, "Fallen Angels." Little Joe and his father, "Big Joe" Gustafson, were already the targets of a federal investigation by then.

According to the charges, the Gustafsons ran a highly organized criminal operation. They recruited members to join the Beat-down Posse based on specific skill sets, and held weekly meetings to discuss the gang's business.

Big Joe, a former Hell's Angel, was sentenced to 15 years in prison earlier this year. Little Joe will face sentencing April 24. If the prosecutors get away, he'll get 20 years.

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I was aware of their presence in the area, but didn't have any idea what the full extent of their activities were until reading the previous City Pages article.

We may want to tear down at least one of the buildings that they lived and/or did gang business in and build fresh on those locations.  I can't imagine anybody would want to live in either of Joe Sr. house or the bail bonds building on Washington Ave.


Kudos.  It's easy to overlook the amount of work and personal danger that are involved in getting a case like this charged.  As a northsider, I was disappointed that the feds were too lazy to take this case, but really pleased that MPD and Hennepin County Attorney had the stones to take it on.  These clowns terrorized the neighborhood for too long.

Krissy B
Krissy B

Well Laverne like you said you were aware of their presence but thats all you new! Why are you so quick to judge? Big Joe & Little Joe are in prison because of a bunch of scared snitches do you believe everything you read?? if so you must live a very sheltered life! & yea why don't we waste tax payers money and tear down perfectly fine houses how ignorant can you be?? Sorry to tell you but both Big Joe's house and the Bail Bond Office are being occupied! You know they do have family and "Real" friends dispite what your shallow mind might think!! you are the pathetic one!!!

Krissy B
Krissy B

Pathetic ass!!! they were charged on a bunch of false accusations all started by one crooked cop O'Rourke piece of shit fuckin cop

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