Little Joe Gustafson's trial begins this week

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Little Joe Gustafson is the alleged second-in-command of the Beat-Down Posse.
​The trial for Joseph Duane "Little Joe" Gustafson, the alleged second-in-command of a violent north Minneapolis gang, begins this week.

As we first reported in our February 2010 cover story, "Fallen Angels," Little Joe and his father, Big Joe, were long the targets of authorities for running an organized crime ring known as the "Beat-Down Posse."

A year ago, they finally busted the local crime family. Little Joe faces a long list of charges, including ​racketeering, assault, making terroristic threats, kidnapping, drugs, and theft.

Big Joe, once the leader of the Beat-Down Posse, was sentenced to 15 years in prison last week.

According to the complaint, the Beat-Down Posse was an advanced criminal operation. They would recruit members with specific skill sets through the promise of unlimited women. They held weekly meetings, known as "church." Anyone who got in their way was likely to end up in the hospital with a fractured skull.

Jury selection for Little Joe's trial began Monday, and opening statements are expected by the end of the week.

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